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The Organ

Vue du muséeT he Town hall of Saulxures-on-Moselotte has done complete restoration works beetween 2004 and 2007 of the church Saint Prix, works supported by the Foundation of the heritage of Lorraine. Having been the object of three distinct phases, these works didn’t relate to the organ, instrument which it is advisable today to reconstruct. Offered by widowed Madam GEHIN, member of an important family of industrialists of Saulxures-on-Moselotte, owner of the Castle, the instrument was built in 1869 in the old church by the Manufacture of Organs JACQUOT-JEANPIERRE of Rambervillers. It was inaugurated on March 7th, 1869. This instrument marks a last evolution in the manner of Jean-Nicolas JEANPIERRE towards the esthetics of its nephew Theodore. A subscription is currently launched for its “Reconstruction”.

Document : Mr. Paul FEIKE Member of the Commission communication of Association for the Protection and the Restoration of the Heritage of Saulxures on Moselotte
Bibliography: Gustave Helbig “Monograph of the organs of France”. National library.
Abbé Paul Farinez “Our heritage organistic” in the life diocésaine of Saint-Dié, 1974
Nature of works
Restoration of the Jacquot-Jeanpierre organ of the church Saint-Prix. The cost of works (restoration of the dresser and the instrumental part) rises with 75 716 € HT.
The givers will be invited to the unveiling of restoration works of the organ of the church Saint Prix. The municipality also envisages to invite them to different animations which it will organize, in particular with the concerts of organ.
The municipality of Saulxures-on-Moselotte is the owner of the project.
The Association for the Protection and the Restoration of the heritage of Saulxures-on-Moselotte,
The Departmental Council of the Vosges and the State support this project financially.