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The Crosses

Vue du muséeThe crosses of ways are monumental crosses which developed since the Middle Ages. They are intended to christianize a place. Varied forms, sizes and matters (wood, granite, today out of cast iron, wrought iron or out of cement), they as well decorate the boroughs and the hamlets which the country roads and symbolize the act of faith of the community. They multiply starting from 1095, date on which the right of asylum is extended to the crosses of ways which then have a double role of guide and protection.

The cross of ways is a catholic religious symbol very widespread 16th century at our days. These crosses are due to the public will of the communities or that private of the families.

One often meets them with the crossroads, they guide the traveller and protect it from the unknown and the bad meetings. They are sometimes a place of pilgrimage like “la Croix des Rameaux” for example. They are ornamented of some lines of prayers. Wikipedia source.

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