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The High-iron

Vue du muséeThe High-iron is the main attraction of the wood museum. It is the heart of the sawmill. An alternative vertical blade fixed on a “Frame : Plucked” the sawing of the wood trunks allows.
In the “Cellar”, the “Bed”, a sole wood posed on a cement wall, dampens the vibrations caused by “plucked” during sawing.
A bucket wheel actuates the High-iron via a set of pulleys and belts. The “Crank” and " the wood of rod” ensure the reciprocating movement of the saw tended in “plucked”. The vocabulary of “Sagard” made of French and patois was not stripped of humour.
Once the trunk set up and fixed, the carriage to the rhythm of the saw advances step by step, thanks to “the wheel of the minutes”.

The blade of the saws, tended in plucked, saws the wood ball “the trunk” at the rhythm imposed by the wheel of the minutes. This, judiciously regulated, allows the carriage a regular advance for a perfect sawing. The whole in an environment which is not without pointing out the film ” The Wise Guys “of Robert Enrico and José Giovanni.



The Town hall of Saulxures-on-Moselotte has done complete restoration works beetween 2004 and 2007 of the church Saint Prix, works supported by the Foundation of the heritage of Lorraine. Having been the object of three distinct phases, these works didn’t relate to the organ, instrument which it is advisable today to reconstruct. Offered by widowed Madam GEHIN, member of an important family of industrialists of Saulxures-on-Moselotte, owner of the Castle, the instrument was built in 1869 in the old church by the Manufacture of Organs JACQUOT-JEANPIERRE of Rambervillers. It was inaugurated on March 7th, 1869. This instrument marks a last evolution in the manner of Jean-Nicolas JEANPIERRE towards the esthetics of its nephew Theodore. A subscription is currently launched for its “Reconstruction”.