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Church of Saint-Prix

Vue du musée

Saulxures-on-Moselotte is dominated by the bell-tower of the church Saint-Prix, which puts rhythm into the life of this former canton of the valley of Moselotte.
A fire having devastated the church, Elisabeth Géhin generous benefactor of the commune made a legacy gift that the town council engaged in the construction of a new building. Restoration works of the burnt church rose with more than 60000 francs.
The first stone was blessed in 1881, by the Abbé Pierrefitte, officially devoted in 1884 by the bishop of Saint-Dié. The offices will be celebrated there well before this dedication, because as of Christmas 1882, the Lemasson abbot celebrated the first mass there.

Néo-gothic good example of architecture, the church profits from the harmonious combination of the local materials, which are the granite and the pink sandstone. The years, the bad weather and the last two earthquakes strongly damaged the church Saint-Prix. Thanks to the popular patronage launched by the commune and the Foundation of the Heritage, the church Saint-Prix today is entirely restored. The Town hall of Saulxures-on-Moselotte has done complete restoration works beetween 2004 and 2007 for an amount of 1,927,577 € HT.
The stained glasses of 44 bays of the church, conceived by Henri Gaillemin architect, were carried out by the Loire Workshops between 1952-1953.

Another points of interest :
The Chapel Notre-Dame of the Rock, set up in 1953, today is a bed and breakfast.
The Memorial.
Many crosses of ways (23).
Sources: Foundation of the Heritage, town hall of Saulxures-on-Moselotte and Wikipédia