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Le musée du boisThe wood museum includes an enormous amount of old tools and old machines. The highlight of the exhibition is of course Nagorno-iron, a vertical saw in perfect operation moved by the force of the water feeding a bucket wheel of 4.20 m in diameter. You will find in the corresponding section all the information on this High iron. The Association for the Protection and Restoration of Heritage undertook a vast project on several remarkable sites of Saulxurons heritage. The wood museum is the starting point and the shining example.
The impressive Top-iron, is still in operation. It is installed for centuries on the hydraulic site of Bâmont Rupt. This masterpiece mechanism that makes it work was partly invented by Leonardo da Vinci. Other sources trace the invention of the "rod / crank" in the third century (Sources Wikipedia). This system allows the transmission of a continuous circular motion to an alternating or reverse rectilinear motion. It is found in the top-iron system.